Friday, August 27, 2010

ADDaboy! Roundup - Heeyaw!

Although activity on this blog has been very quiet over the past few months, I've been an antsy ant over at HealthyPlace. Each week I have posted two shiny, tingly ADHD blog entries of such extreme excitement that I'm tuckered out just thinking about them. Never mind the two audio clips a month of me talking while doing something at 3am. Is there no better way to define "excitement"?! I can't think of any. Well, maybe running around the top of Mount Timpanogas with a lightning rod during a thunderstorm while screaming "Missed me!" might be just a bit more exciting, but not by much. Hey, I even recorded my thoughts in an empty parking lot. It was thrilling stuff.

I do have to admit that the videos have been devoid of high entertainment value, unless you happen to enjoy train wrecks. I have mastered many things in my life. Task management, tecktonic, the Rubik's cube, personal hygiene… But feeling comfortable in front of a camera has not been one of them.

Fortunately for you, I have only printed articles to share with you today. I like both of these articles and think you'll like them as well. Please pop on over to HealthyPlace and give them a read:

ADHD Goofs: Stand Up and Take a Bow - Where I celebrate the ADHD talent of screwing things up so badly that God can't even straighten them out. I was even taken to task by a reader for contributing to ADHD stigma. Yes, indeed. Laughing at myself is OK, but don't YOU dare do it!

Adult ADHD: Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy Proven Effective - After a recent row with a freshly pressed ADHD author in the comments section here and over at HP, I was thrilled to announce the findings of a recent study on Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy (CBT). I wish they discovered that if CBT is done in tandem with donut therapy it will produce weight loss, but just my luck they found the opposite results. 

What they did find was that CBT is an effective treatment for Adult ADHD. There is a large force of well-meaning, but bullying, voices in the mental health industry that push medication alone as the only viable solution for dealing with Depression, ADHD, etc. However, psychmeds have been clinically proven to be ineffective for certain percentages of the population taking them. If you, like me, are in that percentage, how are you to find help if the only option being offered is "Take meds! Take meds! Take meds!!!". This study has shown that CBT techniques helped alleviate ADHD symptoms that psych meds alone could  not address, they saw a 30% reduction of ADHD symptoms using CBT techniques, and that the success of the CBT training lasted nine months past the initial three month training. 

Although the use of psych meds with CBT was emphasized as the total solution, the study's findings on the efficacy of CBT self-regulatory techniques was encouraging and worthy of pursuit. They were quite excited about their findings, and I am, too. CBT has been a life saver for me. You can read more about it in the link.

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