Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mountain Flowers By the Creek

Mountain flowers by the creek

When I look at this photograph, part of me thinks, "Man, the iPhone2G sure takes lousy pictures in low lighting." A mere blip of a thought. Nanoseconds. This is because everytime I look at this picture and begin to analyze its flaws, I am transported by the carpet of flowers into another realm. I stop analyzing. I can't look at this picture and not have my imagination engaged.

Did fairy feet flit upon the petals? Did lovers recently crush the carpet in their passionate kissing? Is there something macabre lying beneath the beauty?

Perhaps because the camera captured the scene in painterly blobs I am not fettered by reality when I look upon it. The red and blue dithered noise adds an ephemeral quality to the scene for me. Instead of limitations, I only see possibilities. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I looked upon everything in my life that way?
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