Thursday, April 07, 2011

All or Nothing

Originally published at Absentminded Author, v1.


I was all set to sit down and unwind after a busy day. First, though, the Raisin Bran was calling to me. Oh, those two scoops… Bowl and spoon set, milk at the ready, and box in hand, I began to officially relax.

Unfortunately, my first bowl was a failure. Where were the raisins? I had somehow managed to pour an entire bowl free of a single raisin. Back in went the cereal into the box, and I began to shake the box vigorously, creatively, with determination. I would not be denied.

Then I poured again and out plopped all the raisins in one gigantic lump. I stared at it stunned for a moment. I laughed out loud, albeit quietly. For a moment, I even imagined eating it, but then what would be in my next bowl?

I realized then (in that way that writers do because their brains are warped) that the lump of raisins symbolized my writing progress. Yesterday was a day filled with wonderful writing—a giant lump of juicy raisins worth of words added to my story. Today, I blogged about how family tended to wreak havoc with my writing efforts. Then I posted my blog and immediately family began to wreak havoc, though it wasn't so much wreaking as much as it was sweetly consuming my every waking moment with hearts and kisses until the day was done and I had to retire. At any rate, today was the bowl devoid of raisins. Lots of bran, however. And sugar.

So I'm heading off to bed to try again tomorrow. At least all the important errands that I was able to do today are finished and won't have to be done again. If I can fall asleep, I may even wake to have a morning filled with raisiny goodness. Metaphorically speaking, of course.