Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh yeah! I'm supposed to be writing or something…

Originally published at Absentminded Author, v2.

I've noticed I'm not getting much writing done lately. Instead, I'm moving things on eBay, filling out job applications, being sick. It's been a party.

I'm surviving by hocking collectibles on eBay. It's not making big bucks, but I'm paying the bills. Mostly. And at least I'm keeping the minivan filled with gas. Of course, "filled" is relative. It's actually more like "at least I'm keeping the engine from sputtering to a stop," but if you pretend that 10% is 100%, then that tank is brimming over the edge with gusto.

Aside from being down for obvious reasons, and it being the beginning of Winter Depression for me, I did have a bit of a setback the other day. I took my blood pressure and discovered it was 183 over 118. I hear that's bad. My dad was so surprised when he heard the numbers that he jumped a bit off the couch. So I've been working on reducing stress, breathing easy, and enjoying life.

Consequently, even though I came up with a great idea for NaNoWriMo, I've decided it isn't something I will participate in this year. Just a wee bit too much stress. It seems my family life is always far too hectic to allow for such dedication. And so it is again.

But what about writing? I have to admit that I miss it. With my life being in such disarray, I haven't justified time to sit and imagine for fun. But I believe that I have an answer. It's been a while, but perhaps it is time to revisit my Distracted Writers Club idea. I've had a year or so to work on it and find its strengths and limitations. I think I'll roll out a new version of it on Monday, just in time for me to find something to busy myself with when my kids leave to spend the next two weeks with their mother. When they return in December, I will begin training them again to allow for my writing time, and I'll have two weeks without distraction under my belt to give me a bit of momentum.

And there's the writing update. Except for one thing. By Monday I will decide whether I am rewriting "Sneaker's Secret" or starting fresh with a new idea. I'm leaning heavily to the new idea. Not just because I have the attention span of a hyperactive fly in a meat store, but because a brand new project in a brand new apartment might be just what I need to help me be a brand new me.

And there's my answer, right there. I begin anew.


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