Sunday, September 16, 2012

Giving my Transparency a Lift

Sunday - Entry 2:

Sometimes I wonder about transparency. Do I reveal too much about myself?

I've been so sick this week. With little energy available to work, I've tweeted from my sick bed. Yesterday was the worst. People tend to expose their worst sides more easily when they are tired or run down, and my non-stop barrage of tweets yesterday revealed my mind to be a 900 pound puppy in a field of twinkies. So this morning, as I considered damage control, I thought to organize my mind and get it back on track. I launched Lift, the new community goals app that links into Twitter, and took a look at my past week: Abysmal.

I'm only keeping track of four goals. It's too easy to bury yourself in goals with that app so I keep my list small. Read scriptures? Nope. Draw? Nope. Run? Ha! Write 250 words? Ah! One pitiful goal reached. Now the Lift world knew how pathetic I was. Then it occurred to me, “How transparent are other people on Lift?” Tap tap tappity…

Fifty one people kept track of shaving. A few hundred were concerned about brushing their teeth. But was there anything that raised an eyebrow? Obviously, my efforts to rein in ADHD had just been run over by Squirrel!

I found quite a bit to raise an eyebrow. Some even raised two. There were a lot of goals out there involving sex, which wasn't surprising, but tracking sex with a spouse? Eyebrows meet sky. That was popular for both genders. I wonder how happy the spouses would be with their loved ones' transparency? If you knew your coworker was on Lift, you could find out with a few taps when he & his wife last got busy. Too much transparency? Was I just as clueless?

I know I have ADHD and that means lack of impulse control, so oversharing tends to be a problem for me. Most of the time that simply means I haven't applied a filter between my head and my keyboard. But I have to wonder if I embarrass others as I bare my soul and reveal my inner workings as some of my fellow Lift users had done. Fortunately, I haven't thought to keep track of anything embarrassing, and I also don't tweet from the bathroom, but one afternoon of careless tweeting can reveal much to the outside observer: This man wastes time. This man can't apply his mind.

Makes me feel translucent and exposed.