Sunday, October 14, 2012

How Often I Miss the Memos of Life

Sunday - Entry 8:

I was going to write about going to the supermarket the other day and ONCE AGAIN discovering that I had forgotten to bring my wallet only after ringing up a hundred or so dollars of groceries, but that wasn't nearly as fresh in my mind as driving to church this morning and discovering nobody was there.

The Elf was wiped out from her competition the day before, and the Goblin had taken an eternal shower, so the Leprechaun and I left both of them behind and rushed off to church. It was a bit past ten, so we were late for Sunday School, and the Leprechaun was anxious to see her friends. We drove the few miles to church and turned the corner. The church was on our left and all seemed in order until we came upon the parking lot.

“What day is it?”

The Leprechaun had just noticed what I had; there wasn't a single car in the parking lot. For a moment I was confused, but I knew it was Sunday. Somehow I had missed a memo. It was likely Stake Conference at the stake center, which turned out to be true.

What stuck in my mind was how often I miss the memos of life. Even as an adult, my attention seems to be everywhere except where it needs to be when relevant information is conveyed. But I don't let it get me down. In this case I simply laughed at the silliness of being the only car at church and drove over to the stake center.

What I have a hard time laughing off is being alone after the Switch. I get my girls for two weeks; my ex-wife gets the girls for two weeks. Each switch disorientates me for a few days. It leaves me deep in the throws of Empty Nest Syndrome. Today is the Switch and I know that I will have a hard time tomorrow.

It is my goal to weather this storm better than all the other times over the past year. Unfortunately, as I sit here in church typing this entry my lovely Leprechaun clutches on my arm and snuggles into my shoulder. Being happy with tomorrow's separation will be a very difficult task.

I am determined to make this week different. I will start blogging articles instead of just journal entries, I will make progress in my ADHD book, and I will master my SEO freelance work. I realize I could be suffering from delusions of grandeur, but goals are reached by making them. I cannot succeed if I don't aim for success. Although I am surviving, I would like to be living at a higher level. Maybe then I won't miss out on so many of life's memos.