Tuesday, December 04, 2012

As I Said

From Kimi ni Todoke
Tuesday - Entry 16:

I was watching a Japanese movie and was struck by the main character's tenacity in conversation. Despite the drama, interruption & chaos all around her, she was not side-tracked. Long after I would have forgotten why I was in the room, never mind what we were talking about, she grabbed someone by the arm and said, "As I said." Then she made her point. Jesus walking on water was not nearly as miraculous.

Getting to the point is one of the hardest aspects of conversation for me. I am constantly lacking the laser focus needed to be concise. I know that those that I admire have minds like traps—their thoughts grasped firmly and their purpose clear—but for me getting to the point sometimes requires a profound amount of effort, and even with effort I am not guaranteed to clearly make that point. Perhaps that is why watching people stay on point, even if they are fictional people, inspires me.

There are three aspects of ADHD that I wish I could master: punctuality, switching gears, and staying focused. But then I wouldn't have ADHD, would I? I will likely be struggling with those aspects of ADHD for the rest of my life, but I aim to make progress on each aspect no matter how impossible the task may seem at times, especially staying focused. As I said, staying on point during the chaos of drama is miraculous. Perhaps I should be praying for blessings like that in my life.