Friday, March 29, 2013

Can God Help You Go Beyond Blue?

I wanted to share with you a blog that I have been aware of for years. It is called Beyond Blue and is written by author Therese Borchard.

I find Therese's exploration of the intersection of faith and depression very interesting even if I don't share the same faith as her. I used to comment there years ago, but found myself drawn into fights with her readers, some of who branded me as "the Secret guy"—named after that once popular book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne—because of my belief that depression can be overcome with positive thinking and recognizing your triggers. Since I am still hypersensitive to psychotropic meds, this is the philosophy that has helped me survive depression. I don't believe in a sentient Universe awaiting my every wish like some genie in a bottle as The Secret suggests. I believe that positive thinking puts us in the proper mindset to fight depression and win. And truthfully, I feel that my approach to fighting depression was inspired through prayer.

But I have a snarky streak and would let it fly in Therese's comments section, especially when her readers brought the fight into my comments section. After a while I questioned whether my contribution to the contention was constructive or Christ-like, so I kept myself away from her blog. Because of that I missed out on many excellent articles by her. Therese's posts linking back to me were always respectful, if not a little bemused. Revisiting her blog today shows me she still has keen insights into the intersection of faith and depression.

Many people struggle with depression from the point of view of faith. Sometimes, faith is the key to help them in their struggles to manage and even overcome the darkness. Others find themselves in a crisis of faith because of the darkness, blaming their Heavenly Father for their condition. Most people seem to bounce between the two. If you accept faith in a Christian God as key to managing your moods, you may find Therese's writings of interest. She offers a calm perspective that supports faith in the face of adversity.

Therese writes frequently and always with substance. I think you will enjoy her writing. Drop by her blog for a visit and come back and let me know what you think.