Thursday, April 14, 2016

Writing in a Fishbowl: Day Twenty-Six

Nifty logo of words in a fishbowl

2:47 AM: Made a lot of progress in the closing chapters tonight. Deleted a ton of useless material, so my word count was going backwards for a bit, but the results are worth the effort. Can't keep my eyes open. Will write more later.


Day No.1: 1250 words
Day No.2: 703 words
Day No.3: 671 words
Day No.4: 262 words
Day No.7: 2725 words
Day No.8: 231 words
Day No.13: 974 words
Day No.17: 633 words
Day No.19: 758 words
Day No.21: 473 words
Day No.22: 1277 words
Day No.26: 815 words

Project Word Count Total: 10,772 words