Wednesday, July 06, 2016

What‽ It's Wednesday already?

I’m not sure what I was thinking last month, but I scheduled an enormous amount of appointments for this week. Independence Day was busy enough as it was, but I’m fairly certain my future self went back in time to punish myself by trapping me inside a hot car and sending me all over Salt Lake Valley. Then he hid my keys.

Future me is a real jerk.

At least important doctors appointments and therapy sessions for my kids are being met, but my work schedule has been left on the side of a hot, Utah highway somewhere. If I envision ravens circling my work schedule to feed on its disorganized corpse, that’s more creativity than I’ve been able to summon all week.

I was going to post the first chapter of my Fighting Depression book, but I reorganized the concepts from the depression blog I am basing the book on, and suddenly there are less than ten items. Eight Ways to Fight Off Depression just doesn’t have the same punch for me, so I need to rethink my approach. Hopefully, I’ll have something to share with you by the weekend.

The takeaway from this is that sometimes life pushes us around, but we have to be prepared to keep pushing on. If I want to meet my goals, I have to brush myself off every time I take a spill, then get moving again. It’s not heroic; it’s just called living, right?


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Writing in a Fishbowl

Monday: A day spent celebrating my nation’s independence. I feel completely fine about not working. Word count: 0

Tuesday: A day so bad, I am turning it into a Family Guy blog entry. Word count: 0

Wensday: Another day filled with heat and appointments. Tomorrow’s just as bad. I’m determined to stop the negative momentum. My first step is to write this blog.

If you thought this week was busy, you’ll love my book which isn’t very busy at all.