Saturday, November 19, 2016

Writing in a Fishbowl v3 – Day Four

Nifty logo of words in a fishbowl

8:26 PM: Today was a day of recuperation. After my all-nighter Thursday night, I needed it. I slept until eleven. I didn’t dress until noon. I had pizza for breakfast. I played video games with my daughter. I got a haircut. I had a very laid back day.

After periods of intense hyperfocus, I find I need to let my brain spin. I set a limit, then proceed to unwind. We can’t fight ADHD all the time. Breaks are OK, I promise. By the time my daughter left, I had two hours before my friends came over, so I thought “Enough rest!” and I got to work. I thought I was wicked productive! You can probably imagine me with a smug smirk of accomplishment. The very first thing I wanted to do was delete my book project ToDo list. I had no need of it now, and I had already begun book three yesterday. I opened the list up to see if any stray tasks needed to be moved to another list before I chucked it into the void, when I noticed something: I hadn’t done anything on the list! This was my “Finish this before you publish” list. Anytime I thought of something that might need dealing with, I tossed it into this list. Because I would check it before publishing. Things like replacing placeholder text with actual references to the tables once the Appendix was done. Small stuff like that.

In a panic, I fired up the book project, corrected all my mistakes, then uploaded the changes to Smashwords & Amazon. What a dope! I have now hereby labeled that ToDo list “ToDuh List”. I share it with you in all its wicked productive glory.