Friday, June 09, 2017

Suicide Catches Us All Unaware: Lessons from The Passive Voice

I've got a new blog going up soon, but I came across something tonight that I felt compelled to share with you.

Over on The Passive Voice, PG wrote about the turmoil his family has been going through due to the suicide of his son and the death of his brother — both within the same few weeks. Any death in the family can be devastating. I recently stood over the grave of my brother on Memorial Day, teary-eyed with a tight throat, even though its been nineteen years since the car accident. We don't forget those we loved. His son's suicide has pushed PG beyond the limits of his strength. Then he lost his brother to cancer. What a difficult time for his family. And yet, despite all of that, he put together a blog with such fabulous advice, I was in awe of his stamina.

His blog post gives advice on words of comfort, discusses preparation for deaths in the family, and includes a stirring passage on mental illness. I was just thinking today about the need for a will now that I'm 50. PG's blog served as a wake up call while also touching my heart.

My deepest condolences go out to his family, and I thank him for his desire to help us avoid the mistakes and stress that he ran into.

The Passive Voice - Update

If you or a loved one is struggling with suicidism, my book, Saying "NO" to Suicide, may be of use. I share it here because it is my heart's desire that people overcome suicide.