Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Bookwork Entries 1-2

While I was sick from October 2021 to April 2022, I allowed myself to pile on new projects as a coping strategy. It worked very well. Having new plans helped keep me focused forward when the present was bleak and discouraging. Now that my health has taken a turn for the better, however, I need to stop letting ADHD spin wildly and spend my time wisely instead. It's time to rid myself of cruft, and focus on the most important projects.

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10 AUGUST 2022
Bookwork 1: Despite all the sickness and setbacks I have experienced over the past year, I still want to write and publish a new book. But which one?

I wrote down all the book plans that I made while I was ill, and I was shocked, but not surprised, at the massive project goals that I had accumulated.

  • Update my Pokémon book
  • Finish one of ten new mental health books
  • simultaneously write TWO fantasy books
  • Blog weekly
Have I mentioned before that I have been sick with a high fever multiple times since last October? I was clearly delirious when I created all those projects.

I was to accomplish all of those projects while dealing with Post COVID. Of course! Never mind pruning my storage unit by selling everything and raising a disabled daughter with her copious medical issues.

What is sad to me is that there is a part of me that sincerely believes that not only should I be able to do all the things, but that I'm supposed to.

Then again, by setting BIG goals I can achieve more than I might otherwise. Shoot for the stars, for at the very least, I'll land on the moon, right⸮


It's more likely that I'll become paralyzed with indecision because I'm trying to accomplish too much at the same time.

Speaking of too much, here's what I hope to accomplish with this journal:

  1. Printing practice. My printing letter forms have grown too sloppy.
  2. Overcome depression
  3. To organize my thoughts & goals so that as my health improves, I am working only on the best, most focused, projects.
  4. Decide which projects I can realistically hope to accomplish and how. First up? Blogging.


10 AUGUST 2022
Bookwork 2: Since the pandemic, I haven't been blogging much, but I've missed it. That contradiction is my first problem. My second problem is that I don't enjoy the platform very much. Moving to another platform, then streamlining blog creation and publication, is the third. The topics I blog about might be my fourth problem, though this might also be the reason for the first problem. All of that is a bit much to deal with while also dealing with disabilities and illness, so I keep kicking the can down the road.

It feels great to spell all that out.

Normally, I would go for a walk to work out issues that overwhelm me, but I'm sick and lack the stamina for a walk, so I'll walk my thoughts out here.

Why blogging? It's hardly a steady stream of income. Facebook took care of that. However, I have had successes. I wrote and published a book. I've been paid to attend conferences. I was a paid blogger for regular gigs throughout the years. I've made dear friendships. All of that was due to blogging. Why not continue?

I've been blogging for seventeen years and I'm bored?

Well, that accounts for some of the times. I mostly worry that I am expending writing energy on blogging instead of writing my novel. If neither are guaranteed to earn sign ificantly, then why spend time writing what bores me?

Now that health concerns forced me to take a lengthy break, however, I realize that I miss blogging. I enjoy it. I plan on doing more of it for years to come.

First problem solved.


This is a journal I started keeping on my Kobo Elipsa eReader.