Thursday, August 11, 2022

Bookwork Entries 3-4

These tech-heavy entries focus on the nuts & bolts of hosting a blog. It's not exciting reading, but I needed to resolve this problem if I wanted full focus moving forward. Sometimes our most passionate goals require us to sludge through drudgery before we can attain what we seek. In this case, I want to host my blog on my home server, but have been putting off the grunt work because it's frightfully boring.

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11 AUGUST 2022
Bookwork 3: feels like abandon ware; comments have been broken for years; apps that support become abandonware; and what Google giveth, Google can taketh away. I'll probably be happier running blog software on my own server.

It's time to move off my current server anyway. Even though I set it up and paid for it for years, I've shared an account with my daughter since 2005. She's paid for my services, too–often accidentally–and now her husband is on it as well. It's time for daddy to be put out to pasture.

But migration is a lot of work, and I've been putting it off for years. Sickness. Disabilities. Raising a disabled daughter. There are bona fide reasons why I haven't jumped on this.

Do I love blogging enough to invest time and money on the backend? Google's service may have its issues, but it's free.

Alright. I'll bite the bullet. Tonight I will learn how to host two domains on my Raspberry Pi (rPi). I'm already hosting my family website on it. Then tomorrow I will back up my blog content in preparation for its new home.

All of this is extremely boring, however.


11 AUGUST 2022
Bookwork 4: Torture! Absolute torture! I spent hours tonight configuring my rPi to host two websites. Linux is just enough different from Unix to send me down the wrong path over and over again. And there I was wondering,"Gee, why have I been procrastinating this project again?"

A better question would be, "What does any of this have to do with writing a book?"

Well, the second site is for my pen name. There's not much content there. It's a great test case before migrating NINE HUNDRED blog entries from my main blog.

Stop whining, Douglas, and just get it done. The DC website works locally, but not outside of my network. You've obviously misconfigured something. All ports are open.


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