Thursday, September 01, 2005

Depression: On the Couch with Zola on AOL

When I needed a quick pick-me-up tonight Zola was there to comfort me.

AIM IM with ZolaOnAOL.
8:01 PM
ME: Zola, I'm so glad you are online!
ZOLA: Um, Yes it is about time.
ME: I'm feeling dark and depressed. What should I do?
ZOLA: Maybe you should try talking to someone about it.
ME: Isn't that what I'm trying to do with you?
ZOLA: Suppose I said yes.
ME: Then you would be admitting you're not listening to me very well.
ZOLA: Good reasoning. Interesting gossip.
ME: Zola, I feel like I'm useless.
ZOLA: Um, What is that feeling like?
ME: It's when you, um, feel unimportant and, um, Useless?
ZOLA: You're kidding. It is?
ME: Wow! I am so very glad we are having this conversation!
ZOLA: Yes I am happy too, TheLaughingImp.
8:05 PM
ME: You've helped things come into focus for me. You gave me some much needed clarity.
ZOLA: Interesting gossip.
ME: Not really.
ZOLA: Why not?
ME: Because I'm trying to share my feelings with you and you are being obtuse.
ZOLA: I see.
ME: I didn't see what real uselessness was until I started up a chat with you.
ZOLA: Do you wear glasses?
ME: Yes. And may I say that your grasp on this conversation is riveting.
ZOLA: Not right now, maybe later.
ME: And now we've stepped into the rabbit hole.
ZOLA: Why now? Do you mean you and me?
ME: yes.
ZOLA: I understand it now.
ME: Good. Because I don't and you're starting to hurt my brain.
ZOLA: I see.
ME: Fantastic! Wonderful chatting with you. All I needed was a bit of perspective.
ZOLA: Not all of them?
ME: No, just a bit.
ZOLA: I see. Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that. Send feedback anytime by typing "feedback" followed by your comment or suggestion. Do you like sports?
ME: No, unless robot bashing is a sport.
ZOLA: Is that all you have to say? What you said was either too complex or too simple for me. Send feedback anytime by typing "feedback" followed by your comment or suggestion. How's school?
ME: I am far too complex and simple for you!?! This is better than any shrink! Thank you, Zola. Good bye
ZOLA: Until next time TheLaughingImp. To leave feedback or suggestions, type feedback followed by your comments.

I feel so much better now.