Friday, September 07, 2007

Take Time to Refocus Your Energies Today

Do not wait for a change of environment before you act; get a change of environment by action.

~Wallace Wattles

I'm not entirely sold on the Law of Attraction. I'm a skeptic. I find it hard to believe the Universe is just waiting to lavish me with success if I just ask it nicely. However, I am 100% behind positive attitudes that transform one's world view. With a scrappy enough attitude, we can change our world. When my life isn't going the way I'd like it to I can be certain that I have not been directing my thoughts in a postive and constructive way.

Lately, my life has been a mess. Although I am not at fault for the chaos of others around me, I can do more to assert order to my own chaos. Today I am recommitting to certain goals, eliminating distractions to have more time to work on my goals, and remembering to like myself despite my disabilities and flaws. Without positive self-esteem all my efforts will be for naught.

Consider this. People with AD/HD have a tendency to pick up projects like shells on a beach. Soon their bucket is too heavy to carry and the sand bar they followed mindlessly out to sea is about to disappear with the oncoming tide. That's certainly how I feel today. Perhaps you can relate. It is helpful to occasionally reassess what it is we want and make changes, even drastic ones, to get ourselves back on track. Sure, you are busy, but are you busy doing what you want to be doing?

Take time today to refocus your energies in the direction you'd like to be heading. If you have any questions about how to go about doing that or tips to share with others, please leave them below. I'd love to hear from you.

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