Saturday, February 16, 2008

Anonymous Commenting Re-Enabled

In order to cut down on drive-by commenters or traveling shrinks, I thought disabling anonymous posting would be the ticket. Unfortunately, for some of my readers it was a ticket to Inconvenience, USA.

Google's Blogger allows for logging in from multiple sources like AIM, Livejournal, openid, WordPress, and TypeKey - in short all the major blogging platforms on the internet, plus one popular instant message client. I thought my bases were covered. People could log in with whatever ID they had, or easily get one from the listed sites. I was mistaken, however.

When my Mum complained that my site was broken because she couldn't leave a comment, I had concern that maybe this new change wasn't going to work out, but when I was forwarded an email from a blogger on ANOTHER site from a user that wanted to comment HERE but couldn't, I cried "Uncle!"

I'll live with the occasional rude, self-important traveling shrink if it means regular readers can contribute in the comments section more conveniently.

I am sorry for the confusion. Now, reward me for my efforts and leave lots of comments. It's the very least you can do. I sprained myself with all this typing. No, really. I'm hurting here. I may need a cast for my ego.

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