Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Splintered Chat #7

Well, here I am. One day late and a dollar short as usual. I'm sick as a dog as they say, though as I tweeted yesterday I could say that I'm sick as a Doug — except that I go by "Douglas". I've been sick all week as a matter of fact. My sweet little six year old is now in mainstream public school and likes to share with Daddy every germ she comes in contact with. The last year and a half of home school may have had its stresses, but sickness wasn't something we really had to deal with on this level. Ouch. My poor immunity system is bruised.

At any rate, here is the next open chat. I won't post a theme this week or even start with the first comment. I'm going to let you folks take the lead. To modify the famous words of Kurt Cobain, "Here I am now. Entertain me."

Comments will close on Sunday night

Update 2/19/08 1:22:52 AM: Comments closed

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