Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Elbow Deep in Words

ADDaboy! Wordle Cloud - (cc) Douglas Cootey

It's 7am and I should be in bed, but I'm up writing instead. This is a good thing, though perhaps the AM could be PM.

My life has been busy writing, which makes me immensely happy. However, I have not finished "Take a Hike!". Two stanzas await my attention. They don't exist yet, but when I'm done with them I will wonder how my story managed without them.

How could I be happily writing if I'm not writing my picture book (now an early reader), my chapter book (most likely now a younger middle grade novel), and my novel (still an older middle grade novel, but perhaps soon a 19 volume treatise on singing magic before I'm done with it)? That is easy to answer. I have been busy writing for other people.

For the past two weeks I've been trying to revise a new article for ADDitude Magazine. I've rewritten it so many times it no longer seems clever or witty or entertaining in any way. I don't resent my editor's suggestions. Far from it. The article is a much better piece for all his input. I just am so deep in the same words that I will need time before I can come back and enjoy them. I imagine the editor grows just as tired rereading the same articles. I can only hope he still enjoys the piece after all the edits. I have yet to hear back. It is a taste of things to come.

The other client I have been writing for is They enjoyed my interview with them so much that they asked me to blog for them. They were expanding their site to include blogs and I was one of the few they hoped to launch it with. I can't imagine what they are thinking, but I said "yes" anyway. The blog is called ADDaboy! and I hope you will go over and leave comments, or at least lurk in a way that makes them happy they hired me. The blog will be about ADHD and will in many ways be exactly like how I used to blog here except shorter and on somebody else's site.

And now I have come to the end and I must sleep. In a short time the evil worker demons next door will begin banging their nails, cutting their boards, and making a great deal of non-sleepy noise. In this archetypal battle between good and evil, I will lose and end up grumpy. Good night. Good day. And thank you for reading.