Monday, January 25, 2010

This Is As Exciting As My Life Gets

Cane in Real Life

This 3D picture represents the incredible rocket ride I live through every day. Why, I can hardly stop to catch my breath. Look at that cane—a 3D metaphor for my life. Doesn't your heart just pound in your chest with excitement⸮ It's better than Avatar.

Sickness, insomnia, ticking, and teenage insurrection. These four horsemen of my own personal apocalypse have kept me quite busy lately. Truthfully, I could use a little less of that kind of excitement. Winter cannot end fast enough for me.

I attended a dinner party on Saturday that I would love to tell you about, but I am pressed for time. I can say that I had a great evening. At times the half dozen simultaneous conversations melted my brain—there was way too much background noise; My tragically ADHD-esque brain was overwhelmed. However, aside from being made to feel at one point that I was sexist simply because I have the wrong kind of plumbing, I had a wonderful time.

With that teaser I must go off and write. You are free to speculate about the trouble I got myself into in the comments section below. I'll be back on Wensday.