Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Will the iPad Make Me a Better Writer?

(cc) Douglas CooteyOver at I wrote this morning about how ADHD tastes to me. If you've followed my blog here you'll know that social gaffes and I tend to go hand in hand. The gaffe I reference in that article was perhaps mild compared to past mistakes, but certainly not anything to dismiss lightly—though I do my best.

While it is true that my blogging over at has been going well, something I feared might happen is very much indeed happening: I'm not writing my books; I'm just blogging. There are two solutions. One is to quit blogging over at, but I can't emphasize enough how distasteful that solution is. This is an opportunity for growth for me. I can step up to the next level if I master this transition in my life. The other solution is simply to write faster. I may have to completely rethink my workflow in order to accomplish it.

This is exactly the sort of ADHD wall I expected to encounter, albeit a bit earlier than planned. I have another blog due at tomorrow and the article I wanted to write here today will have to wait until Friday. I simply must carve time out of my schedule today to finish my #tkahk project. It's important to me to have it done before January's end.

Of course, I wouldn't be me if I hadn't moved from that intense epiphany & concern directly into idly thinking about the nifty new Apple iPad. My good friend Joe called me and we discussed the specs and the slick GUI. I talked about all the reasons why the iPad might be a good replacement for my MacBook now that I've seen it, especially considering the price. We discussed the amazing video that justified the buzz. I then went on for some length about what I would need from the iPad to consider purchasing one, namely blogging & writing software and a seamless sync with my current workflow. Then we discussed bookcasting, and I escaped before I meandered anymore.

I do love meandering about politics & technology.

As for the iPad, how could it be anything but another distraction unless it can help me reach my goals? My daughter takes my MacBook off to college in three months as we agreed ages ago. That will leave me in a bit of a dilemma since I blog & write exclusively on my MacBook. It's how I segment my different duties. I use my desktop for video, web design, desktop publishing, etc. and my MacBook for writing. Can I write with an iPad? It's slick. It's cool. It's ⅓ the cost of a MacBookAir. But will it be as useful?

Worst case scenario: I can use WriteRoom on my iPhone and copy & paste into my writing apps on my desktop Mac. Then I don't have to spend any more money, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun.

However, here I am meandering again about technology when I should be writing an ADDaboy! blog and finishing #tkahk.

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