Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Writing on Hold a Bit

(cc) Douglas Cootey

Looks like our trip to Logan, Utah on Sunday pushed the steering wheel column on our Minivan past the point of the mountain. Severe leaking, no response—it's a metaphor for life.

Lately I've been pushing myself to write ADDaboy! for HealthyPlace and have been finding myself wasted just to meet the challenge. I really thought this would be a good stretch for me, and it is, but it wasn't meant to be the only thing I was working on. I''m trying to implement some changes to allow for writing time. I'm trying to finish the two articles on the weekend before they are due so I have an entire week to do nothing but write in my novel.

I'm spinning my wheels instead. 

I am indeed finishing the articles early, but I spend the first few days of the week unable to do anything beyond Daddy Duty. Today is the first day I'm almost/kinda/sorta able to write and I'm doing it here instead. Did I ever mention I have ADHD? You may have noticed…

Ah, there's the door. The Leprechaun is home from school. Soon the Goblin will follow. My writing window just closed for the moment. I have a science project to help polish up, cleaning to do, and a dance studio to drop the Elf & Pixie off at. 

Update: Reference to ADDitude Magazine was the addled musing of a distracted mind. It has been corrected.