Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I Did Yesterday Instead of Writing My Blog Article

© Douglas CooteyI woke up bleary eyed at 11:30am and discovered I was still in bed with Sickness. Some time around 4am, Sickness climbed into bed with me and tried to snuggle, but only succeeded in stealing the covers.

I read news for 30 minutes, which was pretty short considering how fried my brain was.

I read something else. I'm sure it was important and not at all newsy in shape or form. 

I spent time wrestling with Sickness, who had a lot more energy than I did. I did, however, manage to talk Sickness out of a game of Twister. Unfortunately, I couldn't talk Sickness into letting me exercise. 

I played with Instagram and Viddy (douglascootey on both) and updated apps on my iPhone because that didn't require any energy. I did, however, thank Sickness for talking me out of exercising.

I spent some more time being sick. It is best not to describe where I spent that time.

I wrote a blog article on National Licorice Day. Whoops. Absentminded Author isn't supposed to be worked on until Friday. 

Spent quality time with my bestie, Sickness. (My daughters assure me that BFF is passé. "Bestie" is the new, totally sick way to call your peeps "peeps", though "peeps" is as outmoded as "tweeps" was the day it was first sent over the transom (which is also an outmoded expression which only Grandmothers seem to still use. And bloggers trying to sound erudite. Not that I'm ever guilty of that. I'm wearing sweatpants. Nothing erudite about me…)

I suddenly realized I had spent my writing time blogging about licorice. There was a moment of chagrin. Then I ate some more licorice.

I rushed out the door to pick up the Leprechaun from school like a large, water-logged sponge launched from a catapult. 

I supervised the Goblin and Leprechaun at their chores from the couch, though I can't recall if any chores were actually accomplished.

I listened to the Leprechaun. She talks. A lot. I am still looking for my ear.

I had to drop the Leprechaun off at community theater then rushed to get the Elf from dance.

I was on time to pick up the Elf. Yes! Happy Dance!

I was an hour too early. Dang. I can't win at this punctual thing.

I repaired the minivan's passenger window, which keeps falling down, while Spring pelted me with cold, clumpy rain that was awfully similar to sleet. But it couldn't be sleet because it's April, and Global Warming is going to kill us all. With window repaired, none of us froze to death on the highway.

I crawled into the passenger seat and let the Elf chaperon me. I was so ill that I couldn't even think of what to eat.

After the Elf and wife settled on dinner, I impulsively decided on something totally different and let my wife know. She sounded very happy to get my input.

We headed home until I abruptly realized I was craving a drink. Off to the grocers' we went. In I hobbled with my cane until I found nectar by Bolthouse Farms. Protein infusion accomplished.

I ate food slowly. It was tasty.

I have no idea what I did from 8:30pm-11:00pm

I fixed my wife's iPhone, harvesting over 350 photos from her camera roll, installing the latest update, and organizing her various events into tidy months. I did this instead of writing because I was too sick, or at least that was I told myself at the time. 

I gave up on productivity and decided to watch some television, but I was too distracted by reading to pay attention.

At 3am I realized I was tired and admitted that it wasn't very wise to start blogging then. 

Looking back, I can see how Sickness shaped my day, but quietly in the background ADHD threaded its way along, pushing events here and there in random directions. Not a problem, though. When I'm sick, I don't worry too much about controlling ADHD. It's better to just let the mind spin when letting the body focus on getting well. I'm just glad every day isn't like yesterday. 

Then again, I haven't described today to you. 

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