Friday, September 23, 2011

8 Links That Will Change Your Life

As my week comes to a close, I thought I'd share a few links with you to read over the weekend. They may even change your life. What? Too much? I don't know what to say. "Links and Stuff" just seemed so boring.


I've been busy over at ADDaboy!. You might find a few of these interesting:

When Megan Fox and ADHD Collide

Warning! Depression is Dangerous! Or Something…

SpongeBob SquarePants Makes Kiddies ADHD?

Stick It to ADHD Forgetfulness!

ADHD: Of Mousse and Men ☚ My personal favorite of the month.

You Can Control Your ADHD Impulses And Avoid Stalker Charges, Too!

I've also wrote a bit about where my writing is at over at my other blog, Absentminded Author:

Cleaning House; Cleaning Life

In the meantime, I just realized I haven't posted my ADDaboy! audio clip this week. Or was it due last week? Shoot.

Lastly, I came across a blog that was a reply to something I posted the other day. I thought it was a great post by a new blogger, One Man's War On Depression. Go on over and check him out:

Broken hearts and fragile minds

Enjoy your weekend!