Tuesday, April 08, 2014

59 Disability Bloggers You Probably Didn't Know About

I learned the other day that my blog, A Splintered Mind is one of the top 60 disability blogs according to Alexa and curated by Dr. Joe Reddington. He removed blogs from the list that were featured on heavy hitting sites like CNN.com (where Alexa doesn’t break down individual stats for the blogs versus their parent sites) to come up with a balanced, more grassroots list of disability bloggers.

Now, these sort of things go up and down. I was #27 out of sixty when he compiled the list, but I could drop off the list entirely next month. Who knows? I’m just excited to be there. Assuming you aren’t as excited as I am about my placement, however, what I thought was more interesting for you to see was the rest of the list.

There are fifty-nine other bloggers on Joe’s list who write about disability. I recognized Brian Hutchinson’s ADDerworld, Tara McGillicuddy’s simply named “My ADD / ADHD Blog”, and my Twitter friend, Katy Rollins’ 18 Channels, but there were so many other blogs for me to explore—so many new minds to discover—that I had not encountered before. Sometimes these lists seem copied from other lists that perpetuate across the Internet. I like Joe’s original approach. I definitely recommend you check out his efforts: Top 60 disability blogs by traffic ranking – April 2014