Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Top Mental Health Blogs for 2020—the Bestest Year EVER!

All was not terrible in 2020. 

The press will try to convince you otherwise, but their job is to panic you into thinking the world is ending any minute…again…so that you click on their news links to help them make money. I'm sure your personal life is filled with happy events that spit in the eye of Cynicism 2020. In fact, I'm positive I can rattle off dozens of such events in my own personal life. For example, my ex and I successfully gained guardianship over our learning disabled daughter. Pretty good, huh? I filed pro se, and the hearing went without a hitch. Take that, ADHD! I sold another article to ADDitude Magazine. Huzzah! I successfully learned to do the 180º cross-step on my longboard while carving. Well, that was important to me even if it seems obscure. I've only been practicing for three years. Oh! There was that time I crossed the street without getting hit by a car. That was a big event in 2020. And those monoliths from space aliens planted in my Utahn backyard? That turned out to be a PR stunt. Huh, that wasn't so exciting after all, but the local BLM and news reporters sure made us laugh. Um… I lowered my blood pressure? I dropped down to a 36" waist—then climbed back up to 38" with pandemic pounds? My plants haven't died?

This is tough. Maybe 2020 really wasn't such an exciting year, after all.

On the upside, however, I won another blog award. Don't roll your eyes! This is great news for you because I can now point you to other blogs much better than mine. Merry Christmas! You're welcome!

British education site Twinkl reached out to me with the good news in September—right when I was in quarantine—or maybe I was just sick? I don't know. September was a long time ago. But I promised to share the news with my blog readers and here we are! It's only four months later, right This time there was only one other blogger I recognized (Hi, Natasha!), so I'm excited to look over the list as well.

If your Fall was filled with sickness, quarantines, family members with COVID-19, and false alarms like mine, you might enjoy having something new to read. Here is a list of fresh mental health blogs with unique points of view. You might find a new kindred spirit or a new valued resource. Hurry on over to Top Mental Health Blog 2020