Saturday, September 17, 2022

Bookwork Entry 8

After meeting with a care manager at the University of Utah's COVID Long Hauler clinic, I gained some new information that explained what I've been going through this year. I've been needlessly hard on myself for not getting over something that has impacted me greatly and will continue to impact me greatly for months to come.

I also point out recent successes, which shows me that this was a good project to undertake. I will overcome this illness. I will make my goals. This journal is helping me analzye things that have been overwhelming me for some time as well as allowing me to rethink overly agressive goals that may be fun or challenging, but don't get me published.

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Bookwork 8: I now have a name for my greatest stumbling block:

Post Exertion Malaise

Common with other viral fatigue syndromes, Post-COVID has the symptom of taking you down after physical or mental exertion. Isn't that neat? There is nothing I can do about it. There is no "cure". Just months and months of convalescence. At the very least, I should stop calling myself lazy when I have to take a nap after blogging, which happened to me last week.

As of last week, I have blogged two weeks in a row. If I can blog again today, that will be three weeks in a row. I haven't even been able to blog monthly at this point, so I consider this a big win. The Post-COVID brain fog has been debilitating.

I still have to solve the third domain hosting issue on my rPi. I simply cannot fathom what I have misconfigured. It's driving me nuts. I was also hoping to work on WaiMin tonight. However, I've had two back physical therapy sessions, one knee PT session, and daily exercise homework. I'm pooped. We'll have to see how the day goes. but I remain hopeful.

Lastly, I've been rethinking choosing now to illustrate graphics for my Splintered Mind blog. It is true that I miss drawing, and the tic-which-shan't-be-named no longer interferes, but anything other than a simple graphic is a distraction from my WaiMin project. No more animated GIFs. They are fun, but take up too much time at this point.

With my health so severely impacted, I need to rein in my ADHD whims just as severely.


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