Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thirteen Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen things you probably didn't know about me.

    As pursuant most End User Legal Agreements, you hereby waive your right to think less of me because you're already reading this.

  1. I detest plaid, find partisan bickering tiresome, and think the F-word is better left unsaid.

  2. When I was 11 years old I used to script Star Wars plays with my brothers and friends and record them as "radio" dramas.

  3. I was a DJ on my High School radio station and I am a Ham radio operator now (KD7GBP - the world's hardest to understand call letters)

  4. When I was a teenager I used to call my friend from a pay phone when he was staying in Mexico and charge it to the pay phone next to me.

  5. I'm easily distracted. Wait. You knew that already.

  6. I've been to 44 States. Still left to visit: North & South Dakota, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, and Louisiana.

  7. When I was 19 & 20 I used a fake ID to go clubbing for bands, but never purchased alcohol.

  8. I like black licorice, cloves, spearmint, and other strong flavors that drive my wife away. Garlic, on the other hand, will drive me away. My wife uses it as revenge. Licorice is my all time favorite flavor and cloves are my favorite aroma.

  9. I've been in many failed startups, but then, who hasn't?

  10. I produce a podcast with my 14 year old daughter and used to do a Harry Potter podcast with the same daughter and my 11 year old daughter as well. I can't link to either because we are protecting the girls' identities.

  11. I was an extra in Halloween 5. I think you can see one of my hands for a few seconds.

  12. I play the recorder, pennywhistle, panpipes, diatonic harmonica, and clarinet. I'm now learning to play the Chromatic Harmonica. I'm not really adept at any of them, but I enjoy the experience of learning them.

  13. I wore sunglasses at night BEFORE the song came out and stopped when people started singing the song to me. Boy, did that irritate me. My attempts to shut out the world only invited lame comments from the type of people I liked to avoid. Now I have Transition lenses and I like to darken them before going into stores just for the fun of it.

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