Sunday, November 05, 2006

Typing Along

If you judged my progress from my NaNoWriMo widget on The Splintered Mind you'd think I wasn't making much progress. The truth is, however, that much of my work has been on backstory and background details. I jot notes in my Moleskine, add details to my book project, and add a bit here and there to the first chapter.

You see, I discovered I didn't know my story as well as I thought I did. I found the tiniest of holes in my knowledge. Two of them, actually. One I've filled, the other is still swallowing dumptrucks and 18 wheelers. Once I figure that part out I'm sure it'll be easy sailing until I find the next pot hole in my world.

In the meantime, I'm not worried about it, and neither should you. Enjoy this interesting link from Italy I found to my ADHD blog. Not a big deal, but nifty nonetheless because I am Italian. The translation is iffy, but apparently he finds I give shining personal reflections without the pretentious air of Academia.  Which might mean that I'm a loud, uneducated boor. Who knows? He might be right!