Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thirteen Reasons Why ADHD Rocks!

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Reasons Why ADHD ROCKS!

  1. I can come up with a new idea about every five minutes!

  2. My impatience and restlessness turns every drive to work into the Indianapolis 500. I still remember with relish those halcyon days of my youth where I was learning to drive and my father held onto the car seat for dear life, stomping on the "brake" in the passenger seat. Don't worry, Dad. My oldest is up for her driver's permit in five months. You'll finally have your revenge.

  3. Since I'm so forgetful, my wife let's me buy nifty, but very expensive electronic Personal Digital Assistants to keep track of everything! Cool! They play MP3s, too! Not that I need them for that. I have an iPod which I talked my wife into letting me buy because it would help me tune out background noise and increase productivity.

  4. My children can discover the elemental power of volcanoes up close and personal because "Mount Vesuvius" erupts whenever the noise levels get too high around the home.

  5. What were we talking about again?

  6. I'm never really bored because of the 4000 irons burning in the fire at any given moment.

  7. My penchant for putting my foot in my mouth has helped me become wonderfully skilled at diplomacy and damage control over the years due to all the apologies I've had to give.

  8. Since I'm almost always late I have become terribly fashionable in the circles I move in.

  9. Not many people can claim they've had thirty three jobs by the time they were twenty five.

  10. Being hyperactive and Italian may mean that people have to duck as I swoosh my arms around when I speak, but my upper body is quite tone for a near-forty deskbound artgeek. If I could figure out a way to use my abdomen when talking I'd be in great shape.

  11. My friends travel from miles and miles away just to sit in my entertainment room and watch me talk. I'm so animated and hyper they take bets on when my eyebrows will take flight and leave my face.

  12. I can't remember anybody's name which gives me opportunity to get to know people over and over again.

  13. Having ADHD means being a raving insomniac which means I have more hours to work! Whoohooo!

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