Monday, April 26, 2010

ADDaboy! - Catching Up


I've been so preoccupied that I've forgotten to announce what I've been up to over at

ADHD - I’m Only Mostly Organized
I’m so disorganized. I seem to mess up paperwork on ADDitude Magazine every time. Can you relate with being so disorganized you lose important papers?

3 Ways To Not Be an ADHD Twitter Twit
I’m simply going to tell you how to use Twitter without losing your ADHD self in it.

One person has told me this advice doesn't help him at all, but if you find Twitter overwhelming at times, I highly recommend implementing some variation of these tips. I rely on them.

Motivated to Procrastinate
Do you have a difficult time getting things started? Find yourself highly motivated to find something else to do? Are you even aware when you do it? Today we’re going to discuss chronic procrastination—one of the hallmarks of adult ADHD.

Putting the Brakes on ADHD-Fueled Road Rage
Adults with ADHD often have anger issues, and nothing brings them steaming to the surface like lousy traffic. In a follow-up to my blog on anger management and driving, I show Bug Out Bob in action and talk about different techniques to help manage road rage.

I take to the YouTubey internets again. It's Two-Fisted ADHD in action!